Russell Simmons wants higher taxes

    Hip-Hop mogul Russell Simmons said he’s got no problem paying higher taxes.

    Russell was among the crowd of protestors railing against corporate greed at the Occupy Wall Street movement, which has drawn people from all over the country.

    As Russ told CBS News, he absolutely backs what the protestors are doing and he understands their outrage at big business in the current economic climate.

    "I’ve been here since kind of the beginning. I come because I love their intention and their effort and their courage," the entrepreneur told CBS in reference to the protestors. "I’m just a big supporter of the work that the young people are doing."

    Today’s young people are simply exercising their right to speak out against what they feel are unjust practices, according to Russell. It’s no different than what previous  generations have done while protesting wars, only this time the battle is financial. "They want the money out of Wall Street," he explained." They want the power to the people…that’s an old chant."

    While many conservatives are fighting against an increase in taxes on the wealthy, the Phat Farm founder even said he’s more than happy to shell out a little extra money to make sure that everyone has access to basic rights.

    "I’m happy to pay more taxes, though. I’m here to pay more taxes. I want education. I want healthcare," Russell explained. "All these people are here because they want more community effort in this country."

    See what else Russell had to say about the Occupy Wall Street movement, in which Kanye West has also participated. Watch the video below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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