Chelsea Settles battles the bulge on TV

    The battle of figuring out the next phase of your life is something most recent college grads encounter. The star of MTV’s new reality show, Chelsea Settles, struggles with bigger things — including the 324 pounds of weight that she dreams of losing.

    MTV’s new show, appropriately named “Chelsea Settles,” chronicles the life of 23-year-old Chelsea as she pursues a career in fashion. She is no reincarnation of Lauren Conrad, though. Between fears of going out in public and meeting new people, an addiction to food, and an unsupportive boyfriend, Chelsea has a few more hurdles than the average fashionista. Despite it all, viewers can watch as she decides to leave the only home she has ever known to pursue her dream of living in L.A.

    "I just finally felt like, what’s the point of hiding anymore. I’m not getting anything out of life, and I just took a chance," Chelsea told "Access Hollywood" about her decision to chase her dream.

    Three thousand miles away from Pittsburgh, the persona of a small town girl, who loves magazines and entertainment, takes back seat to the emotional and physical tests that she endures.

    Viewers can follow Chelsea as she settles into her new environment and confronts her demons in 30-minute installments, airing Tuesdays at 11 p.m. EST.

    Check out these videos for more on Chelsea.



    —Ciara Smith

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