Game gets engaged

    Game pulled off a big surprise in a matter of hours when he decided to propose to his long-time girlfriend.

    MTV News reports that the Los Angeles rapper popped the question to the mother of his younger children, Tiffany Cambridge, yesterday afternoon in Inglewood, California.

    "Don’t worry about me; I’m just a bit nervous," Game told the crowd he’d assembled at Frank D. Parent Elementary School where Tiffany works. "I gotta definitely get on my knees and make it happen."

    Game and Tiffany have been dating for seven years, so the rapper felt it was definitely time to make an honest woman out of her. He revealed to MTV News that he decided to propose earlier that day.

    "As a man this is that day where, you know, you throw your player card away," Game explained. "You kinda gotta step up and be a family man."

    Apparently, once his mind was made up, Game wasted no time getting everything together in less than four hours—and that included buying a ring! The proposal caught Tiffany off-guard as she timidly edged into the room, where many of her friends, loved ones and colleagues were gathered.

    When Game proposed, a dazed Tiffany immediately said yes and used the rapper’s real name! "It’s [a] shock right now, so excuse my expression," Tiffany said, as she admitted that she thought she was about to lose her job. "I am the deer-in-headlights type of person. Mr. Gregory [her boss] was stalling me, and I’m like, ‘Ok am I about to get fired?’"

    See how the whole thing went down when you watch the video below!  Congrats, Game and Tiffany!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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