Laura Govan considers herself married

    Laura Govan, co-star of "Basketball Wives: LA," doesn’t need a marriage license to define her relationship status. If you ask her, she’s a basketball wife—even if she’s not legally married.
    "We’re wives. You know, when you pay your dues, you are what you are. And at the end of the day, I don’t think a piece of paper justifies that," Laura recently told

    But soon, Laura and her on-again, off-again beau of 10 years, NBA star Gilbert Arenas, will have their cake, and paper, too. Gilbert, who reportedly abandoned Laura when she was pregnant with their youngest child, recently put a 23-carat ring on it. The newly engaged Laura and Gilbert and their four children are now living together again in their new home in Orlando, Florida.
    "Yeah, we had crazy times. Yeah, we had times when we were like, this isn’t going to work. But I mean, it’s funny because most people say, ‘Oh, you guys aren’t actually married.’ And I’m like, no. You know what? We’re actually doing better than most."
    The couple has yet to set a date, but hope to marry sometime next summer. Laura said she wants an intimate wedding with close family and friends. Translation: no haters.
    "I don’t want people there who are going to celebrate us getting a divorce… you know what I mean? When you go to a wedding and you’re like, ugh, they ain’t gon’ make it."
    Now that the two are an item again, it still remains to be seen whether he will appear on "Basketball Wives: LA" for the show’s next season.
    "Maybe. We’ll see," she said.



    Find out how she’s lost so much weight! Watch more of Laura’s interview here.

    —Myranda Stephens



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