Beyoncé debuts ‘Love on Top’

    Beyoncé channeled boy bands and singing groups of the past for her "Love on Top" video.

    Last week Beyoncé was accused of plagiarizing the work of a Belgian choreographer in "Countdown," which also drew inspiration from Funny Face, Diana Ross and Brigette Bardot.

    This week, Bey bounced back with the highly anticipated video for "Love on Top," in which she paid homage to bands of the past. Her routine started out with moves reminiscent of The Jackson 5, which went well with the track’s old-school Motown vibe.

    From there, Beyoncé and her dancers moved into a little "If It Isn’t Love" New Edition choreography and they threw in a little bit of the Temptations for good measure.

    Much like her now-famous performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, she kept the set simple by setting "Love on Top" in a studio with few mic stands and used her dancers as the back drop, a lá "If It Isn’t Love."

    Curiously, the second verse of the song was removed from the video as Bey opted to pull off a number of costume changes while singing the chorus several times. She and her crew even donned tailed tuxedos (Cab Calloway, anyone?).

    A teaser for "Love on Top" and her VMA performance set expectations high for the video. Check it out below and tell us if it delivered.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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