‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.18.11

    Benched: Jackie Christie

    MVP: Draya Michele

    T-Shirt Line: "You wrestle with pigs, you get dirty."

    Jackie Christie found a new BFF in her old target, Draya Michele, on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Did we miss something?! Jackie has flipped the script on the rest of the cast as she and Draya seem to be the best of buddies now. And it all started with a little supposed smack talk from Laura Govan.

    Supposedly, Jackie heard that Laura said some not-so-nice things about her weight and clothing line. Hmm… was the self-proclaimed hoodrat getting a little catty? We wouldn’t be surprised.

    Instead of asking Laura about all of the gossip when they ran into each other at Laura’s charity event, Jackie decided to hurl some back-handed comments at her frenemy.

    Before things got too ugly, Draya stepped in to break up the tension. Once she was safely out of Jackie’s clutches, Laura ran off to go lick her wounds. Or go house hunting in Orlando. Something along those lines.

    Feeling safe from Jackie’s wrath, Draya then invited Jackie along to help her pick out some fabrics for her bikini line. How did the ladies managed to miss the news about Draya’s business plans during their witch hunt?!

    Anyway, now that Jackie’s locked in on Laura, Draya’s out of the danger zone.

    Monday’s episode was definitely the time to find out more about Draya, who also took a trip to beach with her mother and the son she supposedly neglected. The model enjoys spending time with her family so much that she wants them to move in with her. It was different to see Draya in mommy-mode as opposed to being the party girl. Despite what she may or may not have done, it was easy to tell that she loves her son.

    After a little sun and sand with the fam it was off to an improv workshop that showed her she has a little more work to do before she can get out on stage.


    Elsewhere, Gloria Govan and her fiancé Matt Barnes were getting their kids baptised. 

    While that moment should have been about the kids, Gloria’s mind wandered to the possibility that Matt might try to surprise her with a wedding. She was wearing a white dress at church, afterall.

    But before she could get too lost in visions of holy matrimony, she snapped out of it. This is the same chick that said she was too busy to get married, right? Just checking.


    Later, Jackie called on her fashion protégé Draya to model for her new line of clothing. What a difference some gossip makes!

    The timing of their new friendship makes raises the question of whether Jackie realized that she could have Draya, who is a model by trade, show off her new designs?  We’re not saying that’s what it is…but it does get the wheels in our head spinning.

    Draya seems to be treading lightly, though, and she’s got plans to learn all she can from Jackie.


    Later, Jackie went shopping with Gloria and somehow the topic of Laura’s mouth came up (surprise, surprise). How did that happen?

    See what Gloria had to say for her sister.


    When is Jackie actually going to talk to Laura about all the hearsay. We’ll start the clock




    —Sonya Eskridge




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