Do the ‘Basketball Wives’ need lessons on Friendship?

    Rumors are as much a part of real life as they are are a part of reality TV. It’s not uncommon for people to hear whispers or gossip suggesting that someone else has said unkind things about them. However, that’s life … high school life.

    The ladies of VH1’s “Basketball Wives” franchise are adults, yet on a recent episode of “Basketball Wives: LA,” Jackie Christie, seemingly the most “mature” of the group, went on a rant to anyone who’d listen about Laura Govan, who allegedly called Jackie fat and dissed her personal style.

    @S2Smag Twitter follower @DymunV wrote, “I feel that Jackie should’ve talked to @l4govan before going around telling OTHERS.”

    Not only did Jackie tell co-stars Draya Michele, Imani Showalter, Malaysia Pargo and Laura’s sister Gloria Govan about Laura’s alleged offense, she passed on the opportunity to address Laura directly and has already changed her behavior toward Laura, making sarcastic remarks around her.

    It remains to be seen whether Jackie will eventually confront Laura and try to mend their relationship, but what viewers have already seen is how not to handle situations in which it seems a friend is talking trash.

    In season 3 of the Miami show, fans witnessed as Evelyn Lozada fumed and stewed after hearing from a third party that her BFF Jennifer Williams had disparaged Chad Ochocinco, the man Evelyn intends to marry, on a radio show.

    Instead of first going to her BFF and simply asking for an explanation, Evelyn decided to get everyone else’s opinion, all the while, becoming more and more angry about the situation.

    Unfortunately, by the time Jennifer’s BFF broached the subject with her, Evelyn was in such a fury, the confrontation left the unsuspecting Jennifer distraught, tearfully pleading for forgiveness for an offense she didn’t realize she’d committed.

    After the blowup, Jennifer responded the way many fans had. “I just felt like if she had an issue, she should have come talk to me,” she said. “By the time it gets to all these people, everyone has an opinion and it just gets instigated,” Jennifer said in August.

    As witnessed with the Evelyn and Jenn debacle, things can get ugly when rumors are spread and others’ interpretations and opinions enter the picture. Like Jennifer and many fans of the show have said, a one-on-one conversation with the alleged offender is usually the better course of action.

    At least, that’s what my high school guidance counselor used to say.



    Tracy L. Scott is a freelance writer and editor, based in the Washington, D.C. area. She is the author of the Single Independent Sistah blog.







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