Is a New Edition reality show coming?


    Thirty-something women everywhere are dusting off their Bobby Brown posters and blasting “Candy Girl” on their iPods, in anticipation of a New Edition reality series.

    Bobby Brown recently told Hustler magazine that the six fellas are back together and planning to chronicle their latest reunion for reality TV and music fans.

    “We’re putting [New Edition] back together. I think the thing that was missing with us was prayer – us being able to pray together and understand our differences. I think that’s what made us fight so much. Our friendship was lost once the business of being in the band exploded. We’re now working at becoming friends again and getting back together next year for a tour and an album. And maybe a television show,” he told the men’s publication.

    The New Edition series wouldn’t be Bobby’s first foray into reality. Not only did he star in his own Bravo series, “Being Bobby Brown,” which may have been guilty of TMI for some fans, but he also starred in “Gone Country” and “Celebrity Fit Club.”

    It also wouldn’t be the first series to spotlight a band’s reunion. Dru Hill starred in Centric TV’s “Platinum House” in 2010.

    Although Bobby only mentioned the reality show somewhat matter-of-factly, fans are already anticipating it.

    However, not everyone had positive comments.

    —Tracy L. Scott




    What do you think? Would you watch a New Edition reality show, or should the fellas count you out? Leave your comments below.



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