Draya Michele sticks up for her co-stars

    Draya Michele has taken a lot of verbal—and some physical—abuse from her “Basketball Wives: LA” co-stars, but she speaks highly of them nonetheless.

    After being called “worthless” and having her mothering skills questioned, fans might expect Draya to talk much smack about the ladies, but she leaves that to her admirers.

    “They always saying the girls are hating on Draya ‘cause she’s hot,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I work with them. They are a pretty group of women,” she said.

    It’s true that many viewers have determined that her co-stars, some of whom are a bit older and weigh a little more than Draya, throw shade her way because they’re jealous of the former dancer’s beauty.

    However, Draya—taking the high road—said they can hold their own in that department.

    “Everybody is really pretty up close. Jackie is a beautiful lady; she doesn’t have wrinkles. The sisters [Gloria and Laura Govan], they have pretty skin and pretty hair. Malaysia’s always put together. Everybody is really beautiful,” she said in defense of her cast mates.

    “I feel bad when the fans come at them. They’re pretty, too. They are,” said Draya, who didn’t offer a specific comment about Imani Showalter’s appearance, but then again, Imani is the one who referred to Draya as "worthless."


    —Tracy L. Scott



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