Soulja Boy released and grateful

    Ignoring the skeptics who wondered whether his arrest was a stunt to promote his new movie, Soulja Boy thanked those fans who supported him during his recent ordeal.

    “Thank you and I’m sorry. love you forever, seeing your letters and you standing outside the jail made me feel the love. my fans r the best,” he tweeted upon his release Tuesday.

    Hours later, Soulja was still feeling the love.

    “can I have a real ni$$@ moment?” he asked. “my fans was DEEP AS F_@# OUTSIDE THAT JAIL MAN IM SORRY!!! That’s love!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Gratitude wasn’t the only thing Soulja expressed, however. He was a bit upset that his arrest caused him to miss scheduled opportunities to promote his film, Soulja Boy: The Movie.

    “I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie! to those companies I’m sorry! You can see I had a lil situation. the show must go on,” he wrote.

    The “situation,” as Soulja deemed it, was his arrest on multiple charges, including possession of marijuana. The rapper was released on $10,000 bond, according to the Associated Press.

    There were reportedly about 50 fans present to support the “Crank That” artist as he was escorted to a car.

    “I just want you all to know I’m innocent,” he said.

    Although it was originally reported that Soulja was found with $70,000 in cash, it’s now been confirmed that the amount was closer to $46,000. However, the initial reports about the amount of marijuana that was allegedly found in his vehicle, more than five ounces, haven’t changed.

    Although the drugs were found in the Cadillac SUV he was riding in, it’s not clear who the substance or the weapons belonged to.

    A court date hasn’t been set yet.

    Watch the CBS Atlanta report on Soulja’s arrest below.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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