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    Braxtons talk ‘Values’

    The Braxton girls are talking about what makes their hit reality show "Braxton Family Values" so very special.

    In Towanda’s opinion, fans have formed a bond with the Braxtons because they are so relatable and real. "I think that there’s a Braxton girl in everyone," Towanda told My Fox Atlanta. "Even if it’s your friend, your sister, your aunt or mother, there’s a Braxton girl in everybody."

    Trina feels that "Braxton Family Values" offers viewers more than just an idle distraction; there’s something to be learned.

    "We didn’t want to just bring entertainment, we wanted to bring family relationships. Something that people could relate to in real life," Trina said. "We also wanted to bring the values that were instilled in us from our upbringing."

    Among the values Trina mentioned is that the Braxton sisters might bicker, but it will never come to blows. "One thing you will never see is physical fighting. My mom was very particular about that. She didn’t teach us to do that. She said, ‘Use your words.’" Teasers for "Braxton Family Values" show that those words almost get Tamar, who just got her own record deal, slapped by her mama Evelyn.

    See what else they had to say, including an update on Toni, when you watch the video below.

    Braxtons Discuss Their Show "Braxton Family Values": MyFoxATLANTA.com


    Rihanna release ‘We Found Love’

    Remember how that Irish farmer kicked Rihanna off his property for not wearing enough clothes? Well now you get to see what all the fuss was about!

    Rihanna has dropped the dizzying video for "We Found Love," which follows the ups, downs and end of a crazy romance. Check out the intense video below.



    Mary J. Blige shoots ’25/8′

    Mary J. Blige needs a little more time to put together her video of "25/8," but here’s a sneak peek.

    The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul took fans behind the scenes of her new video, and let them in on a couple of her secrets. Find out what they are when you watch the video below.



    Ne-Yo teases ‘The Way You Move’

    Ne-Yo’s getting up close and personal with some strippers in his new video. A sneak peek of "The Way You Move" shows the crooner, who just welcomed a son, getting very hands-on with the talent.

    Watch out for glimpses of Trey Songz and T-Pain when you watch the clip below.



    Whitney Houston gets ready to Sparkle

    Although it’s been reported that Whitney will be cast in the upcoming Sparkle remake, the iconic singer hasn’t said much about it until now.

    It seems she’s as excited to be part of the production as her co-stars and the movie’s fans.

    "Sparkle is a movie I have wanted to remake for a long time and I am so glad to finally see my wish come true and to be part of this stellar team of actors and producers,” she said in a statement.

    There’s still no confirmation that Whitney will be recast as Savannah Jackson in Getting to Happy, the upcoming sequel to Waiting to Exhale, but with her appearance in Sparkle, there’s some hope that her big-screen return won’t be limited to just one film.


    Is Drake through with Young Money?

    Despite rumors to the contrary, Drake said he’s happy as part of the Young Money crew
 and has no plans to part from his mentor Lil Wayne.

    “I never really know where those rumors stem from. It’s crazy. I’m a very open person … I’m not scared to say what I feel. I’m really happy at Young Money,” said Drake, who called Weezy his “boss.”

    However, Drake doesn’t deny that he wants to give some exposure to some of his friends, especially his Toronto crew, which he said includes some talented people.

    “Those are guys I love. That has nothing to do with people on my label,” he told MTV News. “I just sort of showcase the music that I happen to love right now.”

    Watch more of his MTV interview below.


    Get More: Music News


    Cee Lo Green does ‘Parenthood’

    Singer Cee Lo Green guest-starred on the most-recent episode of NBC’s drama “Parenthood.”

    “The Voice” coach didn’t have too difficult a role to play, since he portrayed himself. However, he did refer to the gig as his first official acting debut.

    Was Cee Lo happy with his performance? Find out. Watch.



    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott


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