John Singleton suing over ‘Hustle’

    John Singleton is suing Paramount Pictures and MTV Films for backing out on a deal. reports that the studios changed their minds about a deal to finance and distribute two of John’s movies after the success of Hustle & Flow in 2005. John initially gave Paramount the rights to release Hustle & Flow for $9 million (a relatively small fee), with the understanding that the studio would in turn green light and pay for two more of his films. The only stipulation at that time was that neither film could cost more $3.5 million to make.

    John claims, however, that things changed after Paramount made millions off of Hustle & Flow, which won an Oscar for Best Song. The Abducted director alleges that when he approached the studio to produce his movies, Paramount came up with more conditions that ultimately made it impossible to get the films made.

    John is now seeking at least $20 million from Paramount, stating that he turned down more lucrative deals for Hustle & Flow in favor of his alleged arrangement with Paramount.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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