Neffe teases new show

    Neffe Pugh wants to share her new life with her show "Neffe’s World."

    It seems that Neffe has scrapped plans for her reality show "Neffe & Soullow’s Family Tree," and is taking a new route back to your TV screen.

    The "Frankie & Neffe" star has just released a teaser for a "reality based sitcom" called "Neffe’s World." The series seems to have a "movin’ on up" feel to it as Neffe dons various gowns while cozying up to Soullow, who is always in a business suit.

    Speaking of Soullow, it looks like things are going well enough with Neffe and him that she’s gotten him in on the act as well. From the promo, it seems as though the pair will be moving into a big new house in a very diverse, well-to-do neighborhood.

    While Neffe mentions her family in the promo, it’s not clear whether Frankie Lons or Keyshia Cole will appear on "Neffe’s World." 

    It’s not clear exactly what a reality-based sitcom looks like, but fans may find out whenever "Neffe’s World" makes it to air. There’s no telling when that could be, though, as no network or air date for the show has been announced at this time.

    "NEFFE’S WORLD" WELCOME TO NEFFE’S INTRO PROMO from Capitol Broadcast Shows Televisi on Vimeo.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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