‘Top Model’ Bre headed to scripted TV

    Fans of Bre Scullark, who was recently eliminated from “America’s Next Top Model” … again, shouldn’t feel too bad for the All-Star. She’s on to bigger and better things, including a role in Tyler Perry’s new series.

    “I’m in a new sitcom for Tyler Perry called ‘For Better or Worse’. I’m excited about that. I’m in a recurring role,” said Bre who gushed a bit about working with Tyler.

    “Tyler is one of those people whose energy and presence is so strong. He doesn’t even have to say anything, and you know he’s in the room. It was such an honor to be around him,” she said.

    Bre may be best known as a model, but quiet as it’s kept, she’s been working on honing her acting skills.

    “I moved out to L.A. 2.5 years ago. I wanted to do more television and correspondence work,” said Bre who knew she’d have to study the craft. “I didn’t want to be another reality girl who’s trying her hand at everything,” she said.

    While she waits for the premiere of her new show, coming in November, Bre is still doing ads—including a holiday commercial for Old Navy—and she’ll be featured in an upcoming episode of “CSI,” a role she won as a contestant on “ANTM” this season.

    Although the show seems a bit extreme at times, Bre said “ANTM” really does offer a glimpse into what real-life models go through.

    The difference?

    “The difference is in real life you have control over your career and your choices. When you’re on the show, you’ve already decided you’re going to do whatever they ask. You gotta go in and do whatever you feel is going to get you to the next episode, to the next challenge. That’s the main difference,” said Bre.

    That might explain why she burst into tears when her hair was chopped off during this season’s makeover episode. "I think that any drastic change to yourself should be something that you’re aware of," she explained, but now Bre likes the cut, but will she keep it? "Absolutely not," she said.

    Unlike some of her other eliminated counterparts, Bre said she was pleased with how she was portrayed on the All-Star season.

    “I loved the character that I was on this season. I loved the edit. For where I’m at at my life, they portrayed who I am,” said Bre who wasn’t too fazed by the judges’ comments that she’d changed from who she was when the world met her in cycle 5.

    “When I first did the show, I was 19 years old. You’re talking about someone who is raw and unpolished and really naïve to the business and to life and life experience in general. Six years later, I’m definitely different, but I’m supposed to be. You’re supposed to grow. The memories of who you were are great, but growth is beautiful, too. I was always myself. I wasn’t confrontational. I was a 25-year-old young woman who wants better for herself. I can accept and respect being sent home for that,” she said.


    —Tracy L. Scott



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