Chrissy Lampkin fights again?

    Season 2 of "Love & Hip Hop" hasn’t even debuted yet, and there are already reports of another fight.

    Kimbella might not have been the only one that caught one of Chrissy Lampkin’s fists.

    The beef between Chrissy and Yandy Smith came to blows a few days ago at Club Cameo in Miami, according to Cameras were rolling during the fight, so fans might see it on "Love & Hip Hop" this season.

    Supposedly the cast was out celebrating Kimbella’s 28th birthday at the time.

    Yandy tweeted earlier this week, "Girl break out the vaseline they already startin! RT @annekristoff: @yandysmith this is bad bc if people start …" Around the same time, Chrissy tweeted, "I’m mad and b_tc#es ain’t safe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    That’s not all. Apparently, Yandy and Chrissy’s fighting has affected two careers!

    There’s word now that Yandy has dropped Jim Jones, Chrissy’s fiancé, as a client. Yandy had been managing Jim for the better part of seven years; the decision to cut him from her roster is tied, at least in part, to her differences with Chrissy.

    One source said that Chrissy and Yandy’s rivalry is tinged with jealousy because the "Love & Hip Hop" cast newbie might be stealing some of Chrissy’s shine.

    Chrissy’s camp hasn’t commented on the gossip, but according to the rep for Yandy and Kimbella, they "cannot directly comment on this story due to the [fact] that the incident allegedly happened during taping and the girls and management are under non disclosure agreements."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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