Kelly Rowland keeps tabs on Beyoncé

    Kelly Rowland is keeping tabs on her BFF Beyoncé and her expanding baby bump.

    "We speak and text all the time," Beyoncé told Now! magazine. "With me being pregnant, she is always checking up on me to see how I am doing."

    The "Countdown" diva considers the contact an honor. With promoting her new album, Here I Am, shooting videos and even judging on the UK version of "The X Factor," Kelly’s free time is very precious.

    "My girl is one of the hardest-working women in the industry," Beyoncé said.

    Bey insists that Kelly isn’t just some random member of her camp. The two have a history that has seen some major milestones, not the least of which was performing as one of the most popular girl groups ever.

    "We have known each other for so long, we are like sisters," said Bey, who has been tight with Kelly since the tender age of 8. "She isn’t just somebody I was in a group with; this girl is my family."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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