Monica talks ‘New Life’ and love

    Monica’s upcoming album, New Life, is aptly named now that the singer is happily married, but she said the LP’s music isn’t all about love and romance.

    “I’m happy with it ’cause it’s not just about one thing…. For me, it’s easier to talk about where I’ve been because I wouldn’t be able to be the person that I am if it hadn’t been for some of the things that’s happened. So, we talk about all types of things on the record,” Monica recently told Washington, D.C. radio host, Russ Parr.

    When she first hit the scene at 14, one of Monica’s challenges was balancing her career with her education. Now Monica, who turns 31 today, is a mother and wife, and just as she did as a teen, she’s learned how to handle it all.

    "I think it’s easy for me because to me one doesn’t compare to the other. Family comes first. … You just prioritize that way and I make the music in between,” said Monica, who admitted that the recent NBA lockout has given her some quality time with her NBA star hubby, Shannon Brown.

    “We’ve been taking advantage of the lockout. We been locking in with each other,” she said.

    Does that mean their family may be growing soon?

    “Absolutely,” Monica said when asked about having more children. “We’re lookin’ forward to it,” she said.

    In the meantime, Monica is focused on promoting the new album, whose release date has been moved to December 13.

    "December 13 gives us enough time to really move around and get in touch with the people who’ve been there for all the years," she said.


    Watch Monica’s video for "Until It’s Gone" below."

    —Tracy L. Scott



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