‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 10.25.11

    Benched: Jackie Christie

    MVP: Imani Showalter

    T-Shirt Line: "No bueno…at all."

    Laura Govan officially became an outcast on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Recent events put a whole new color on the VH1 reality show.

    Last night’s episode of "BBW: LA" was a little odd to watch as Gloria Govan and her now-ex-fiancé Matt Barnes promoted his golf tournament during a visit to "Boy Boy’s Neighborhood."

    As is bound to happen whenever a couple does an interview, the topic always comes back around to relationships. The pair said they’ve known each other since childhood, and when they linked up years later they knew it was love.

    Gloria even talked about how important it was for her to step up her style game after the move to Los Angeles to make sure that she wasn’t giving groupies a shot at her man.  Whereas Miami was more laid-back version of fabulous, in L.A., Gloria stays glammed up.

    So what made watching this seemingly loving couple, who have formed a strong patnership, so weird? They’re no longer together! Just hours before the episode aired, Matt and Gloria confirmed that they have broken up.

    All of Laura Govan’s smack talk, which she herself had not addressed as of last week, has caught up to her.

    Apparently Imani is so shocked and upset over what she’s heard Laura said about her that she’s actually being cordial to Draya Michele. Maybe this new-found acceptance has something to do with Jackie Christie’s affection for the model, who was once the cast pariah.

    Jackie’s so cool with Draya now that she invited Draya to hang out with her, Imani and Laura at Gloria’s cocktail event. Wait…Laura? The same Laura who has supposedly been talking smack about all the other ladies on the show? Yep, the very same one.

    While Jackie tried to play peacemaker by telling everyone to be nice once Laura sat down, Draya had to remind her: "You be nice!"

    The stage was set for a showdown, but no such luck! Jackie let Laura off the hook fairly easy. She pulled out her old trick of having a roundtable discussion, to hash out any hearsay, but Jackie didn’t really go in on Laura for all the things she’s supposedly said.

    Weak sauce, Jackie! It seemed like she stayed looking to stir up drama this week!

    Perhaps Jackie shouldn’t have been so soft on Laura. Maybe then things wouldn’t have been quite so awkward at the golf tournament afterparty.

    No amount of drinks, gambling or fashion could have eased the tension. Not even coming out to support the fight against cancer inspired a peace and positivity.


    Imani finally owned up to the fact that Draya isn’t as "worthless" as she once judged!   Two episodes ago this chick couldn’t keep herself from saying unkind things about the model, but today is a new day.

    Imani and Draya are actually breaking bread! Good for Imani…doing the grownup thing…well, almost.

    Imani’s shock that Laura was allegedly speaking ill of her was kind of funny. If all you do is speak badly of other people, should you really be that surprised when your fellow mean girl turns on you? We think not.

    However, if Imani has really done all that she says she has for Laura, only to be insulted behind her back, that is pretty foul.


    After all the work she did with the golf tournament, Gloria needed to get away with the ladies. But where will they go? More importantly…is Laura invited?



    —Sonya Eskridge




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