Jennifer Hudson’s rep denies breakup

    Jennifer Hudson’s rep is denying reports that she and fiancé David Otunga have called it quits.

    “I can confirm that the story is not true,” Jen’s spokesperson told the E! network.

    Rumors that the singer and actress split from the father of her son, to whom she’s been engaged for more than three years, surfaced again last week.

    An anonymous source told Star magazine that Jennifer and David were going their separate ways.

    “They were going to tie the knot in August in Jennifer’s hometown of Chicago… but it’s not going to happen,” the source said.

    It’s not the first time whispers about the relationship’s demise have been heard, but the rumors were a bit surprising considering Jennifer just recently announced that she’d decided when she and David would walk down the aisle. However, she didn’t share that date with the public.

    Jennifer, who is normally not shy about addressing gossip via Twitter, has not yet responded to the news about the alleged breakup.

    Earlier this year, Jennifer told Jay Leno that her husband had to adjust to her new, slimmer body. That led to rumors that David wasn’t happy with the attention Jennifer was receiving for her physique, as opposed to her talent.

    “He’s getting adjusted to it,” she told Jay. “He’s not really into change that much, so he fusses at me like, ‘Why do you have to get all dressed up to go out,’ and ‘Why can’t you just go out like you used to?’”


    Watch Jennifer talk to Jay about the situation below.

    —Tracy L. Scott




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