Kimberly Goldson talks fashion

    This year’s "Project Runway" finalist, Kimberly Goldson, shared a few of her fashion tips with Sister 2 Sister before her much anticipated collection is unveiled on the season finale, airing this Thursday on Lifetime. 

    Known for her perfect pants, infectious personality and great sense of style, Kimberly discussed her fashion knowledge and favorite fashion icon.


    Kia: Who is your favorite fashion designer?
    Kimberly: I’m so in love with Oscar de la Renta. His work has a hint of trend without it being too far out. I absolutely love him.

    Kia: What was the first “luxury” item you purchased?  You know the one you saved up for and really, really wanted.
    Kimberly: A Gucci bag. It was black suede and embossed with a metal handle. I loved that bag. I got it at the Gucci Outlet in Secaucus, New Jersey. I used it in college as a book bag. I was about 19 or 20 at the time.

    Kia: Your style icon is …
    Kimberly: My mom! I can remember rummaging through her closet when I was younger. I couldn’t wait to emulate her style.

    Kia: Your fashion MUST have is…
    Kimberly: A great pair of shoes. I spend my money on shoes and handbags. You need to have good ones.

    Kia: What fashion item is a STEAL?  Meaning, what can you get away with on the “cheap?”
    Kimberly: Trendy items like this year’s floppy hat. You can purchase those items at a discount store (like Target, Forever21 and H&M).

    Kia: How would you define your style?
    Kimberly: Great question! Very classic. It’s a little bit of whatever I gravitate to—what I’m feeling at the moment. I like jeans but I like to be glammed up also.

    Kia: If you could pick 3 top fashion DO’s to tell our readers what would they be?
    Kimberly:  1.) Follow your own style and not someone else’s. 2.) Dress for your body. It doesn’t matter the size. Go with what flatters you. 3.) Invest in good classic pieces you can wear season after season. Buy trendy pieces from discount stores.

    In Part 2, Kimberly talks about "Project Runway" and what it means to be a designer of color. Plus, find out who she would love to make a pair of pants for.


    —Kia Jefferson



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