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    Toni Braxton at odds with sister?

    There’s word that Toni Braxton’s recent change in management may have put a strain on the relationship with her sister, Tamar Braxton.

    A source told the New York Post reports that after Toni fired Tamar’s husband, Vincent Herbert, she “won’t be anywhere near Tamar. This has caused more family problems.”

    Toni’s camp said that although Vince is no longer managing her, she still "has a great personal and professional relationship with Vince," and the Braxtons remain "very close."


    Beyoncé hosts backyard ‘Party’

    Beyoncé is popping out videos like there’s no tomorrow! The "Countdown" singer has released a sneak peek of her upcoming video for "Party."

    Much like with the video for "Love On Top," fans may notice that the clip for "Party" includes a major change from the track on 4. Instead of having Andre 3000 pop up in the video, Bey has enlisted the help of J.Cole. Take a look!


    President Obama speaks on ‘Kardashians’

    Jay Leno asked the question that’s been bugging America for weeks: Why’s President Barack Obama hating on the Kardashians?

    First Lady Michelle Obama recently admitted that the president didn’t like his daughters watching "Keeping  Up With the Kardashians."

    "I have not seen the show," President Obama revealed to Jay, joking that he’s not a big fan of reality TV in general."I’m probably a little biased against reality TV, partly because there’s this program on C-Span called Congress," the president said with a laugh. "But, no, I have not seen [‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’]."



    T.O. stood up by NFL teams

    Terrell Owens’ attempt to catch the attention of the NFL and get back on the gridiron has fallen flat.

    Bossip.com reports that T.O.’s public workout yesterday, which he hoped would impress some recruiters enough to offer him a spot on their rosters, was not attended by a single team.

    T.O. didn’t even bother to do the 40-yeard dash as no one with hiring power was there to see him do it. The no-show was a huge disappointment to the pro-baller. "I only need one team," he said. "I only need one chance."


    Nicki Minaj doing nails

    Rising fashion icon Nicki Minaj is branching out into the nail industry.

    “Nicki has taken the hip-hop world by storm, but her music is only part of the equation. She’s also become a fashion inspiration, noted for her daring costumes and hair color both on and off the stage,” said OPI EVP Suzi Weiss-Fischmann.

    The limited-edition colors, distributed by OPI, will be available in JCPenney in January 2012 for about $8.50 each.

    The six hues are named Pink Friday, Metallic 4 Life, Super Bass Shatter, Save Me, Fly and Did It On ‘Em.





    Janelle Monaé talks inspiration

    Janelle Monaé, who was recently asked to perform at this year’s Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in Norway, sat down with CNN to talk about her rise to fame.

    The Kansas City native said she dons black and white in honor of hardworking blue-collar Americans like her parents, who were janitors.

    "I really want to create music that is an experience for people who are working hard each and every day. I want my music to be their choice of drug," she said.

    She also talked about her past as a playwright.

    "I think when I decided that I wanted to be an independent artist I was just moving back from New York. I was a young playwright, and I decided that I had more to say as an artist," she said.

    Watch the interview here.


    Dule Hill does Broadway

    “Psych” star Dule Hill visited VH1’s webseries “Morning Buzz” to talk about his role in Alicia Keys’ Broadway show, Stick Fly.

    “I’m the son who’s bringing home a fiancée,” he said about his character. “As the family comes together, before the bags are unpacked, all the secrets come out.”

    The Broadway show also stars Mekhi Phifer and Condola Rashad, Phylicia Rashad’s daughter.

    Dule also talks about Alicia’s role as composer and director. Watch.



    —Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott


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