Jim Jones got jumped?

    Jim Jones is giving the blow-by-blow of his recent fight with three men in New York.

    The rapper told Hot 97’s Miss Info that rumors of a dustup were true, but he called the three-on-one brawl nothing more than "a botched robbery."

    "I was in Harlem alone when three dudes stepped to me," Jim confirmed yesterday.

    While he was jumped by a team of unidentified men, Jim said he had no trouble handling the first two on his own.

    "Well the first guy, I beat the s@#t out of him, then the second guy jumped in with a metal pipe," he told Miss Info. "I was so amped up I didn’t even feel him hitting me with it."

    Jim knew that he was in over his head when the third attacker brought firearms into the fight. "I was still beating on the first guy, but when the third guy pulled out a gun, I got out of there," the rapper revealed. "Anyone with a brain would do the same."

    He wasn’t sure what exactly the would-be thieves were after, but he admitted that he was wearing a lot of jewelry at the time. "That was a stupid mistake," he conceded.

    Gossip that Jim had gotten jumped started circulating earlier this week, but rumor had it the attack may have been orchestrated by his former manager, Yandy Smith.

    When asked if there was any truth to buzz, Jim dismissed the rumors by saying that they weren’t worth addressing.

    Yandy recently dropped Jim as her client, and she’s had problems with his fiancée Chrissy Lampkin, as you’ll see on the upcoming season of "Love & Hip Hop." 



    —Sonya Eskridge




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