Star Jones gets TV show

    Star Jones has just revealed that her novel is making its way to TV.

    Star had big news when she sat down with Wendy Williams today.

    "You were really one of the first supporters of Satan’s Sisters, so I’m going to tell you something that maybe I’m not supposed to," she teased. "This will be the first time that I’ve said it out loud."

    Before the audience passed out from the suspense, Star gave up the goods: "They’re turning it into a televisions show," Star told Wendy of her book’s success. "I can’t tell you any more yet, but it’s a done deal."

    Wendy, who is rarely at a loss for words, was left speechless save for a very excited congratualtions! The chat host did joke, however, that she’s getting into acting.

    "There may be a role [for you]," Star sang in response.

    Satan’s Sisters centers on the cast of daytime women’s roundtable called "The Lunch Club," and each of the hosts is battling her own problems off-camera.

    There’s no word on which network the show may appear, or what the name of the show might be. We’re willing to bet that ABC might not be interested in the show, given Star’s history with the network.

    She served as a host on "The View" for several years before being booted from the show in 2006.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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