Eddie Murphy says no to ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4′

    Eddie Murphy isn’t thinking about another Beverly Hills Cop movie, but a return to stand-up might be in the cards for the comedian.

    During the mid ’80s to early ’90s, Axel Foley was a highly admired character played by Eddie that helped propel him into stardom. Now, at age 50, Eddie reveals that a fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cops is a no go for him.

    “None of the movie scripts were right; it was trying to force the premise," Eddie said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine. "If you have to force something, you shouldn’t be doing it. It was always a rehash of the old thing. It was always wrong.”

    Although Bret Ratner, who directed the previous three films, is anxious to do Beverly Hills Cops 4, Eddie doesn’t have playing the Detroit cop in his future acting plans.

    Doing more family films isn’t in the plan either. He recently worked with Bret for the upcoming film Tower Heist, in which he plays an edgier role as a crook trying to rob a wealthy executive for cash.

    Apparently, Eddie is leaning towards going back to stand-up comedy.

    “If I ever get back onstage, I’m going to have a really great show for you all,” Eddie told Rolling Stone. “An hour and a half of stand-up and about 40 minutes of my s***** band…But I haven’t done it since I was 27, so why f*@k with it?"

    He continued, "But that’s just weighing both sides. It comes up too much for me to not do it again. It’s like, when it his me, I’ll do it, eventually."

    Eddie hasn’t completely thrown out the whole Axel idea, though, he just doesn’t want to play that character anymore.

    “What I’m trying to do now is produce a TV show starring Axel Foley’s son, and Axel is the chief of police now in Detroit," he revealed. "I’d do the pilot, show up here and there."

    And who would be lucky enough to carry on the legend of the charismatic cop? Rumors point to Kevin Hart.

    “Thanks to my fans I just found out Eddie Murphy said he wants me to play Axel Foley on his new TV show ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’" Kevin posted on his Facebook page. "I’m flattered and speechless right now…[Thank] y’all for passing the message to me.”



    —Kylee Coney




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