FAME is the next master of the mix

    There once was a time when all singers did was sing, and all rappers did was spit rhymes. Fans can thank artists like JaRule and Drake for showing them different. Soon, music lovers should be able to add up-and-coming artist FAME to that list of artists noted for their skill at mixing genres.

    At only 20 years old, the young Brooklyn native knows exactly what’s different about his contribution to the game. “Before I was an artist I was a consumer. I want to make music for my people. I’m pretty sure the things I talk about in my records, they’re not far fetched—they’re not things a person wouldn’t go through,” said FAME.

    And FAME knows a thing or two about going through it. At 16-years-old, simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time resulted in his having his jaw wired shut and not being able to speak for 8 weeks. From this situation, however, came the decision to make a career of his passions. “I just told myself that once these wires come off, it’s just full speed ahead. Like, I don’t ever want to be silenced like this. So, every time I record now, I record like it’s my last record. If I happen to leave today or never record music again for some reason, I want whatever song that was recorded last to be the hottest sh** out,” he told Sister 2 Sister.

    Since then, he’s signed a management and production deal with MBK Entertainment—the same company that represents heavyweights Alicia Keys and Tyrese— released a mixtape, and launched his own management company.

    With a style he describes as “smooth, laid-back, in your face and funny," FAME uses his rap and vocal skills to put self-composed tracks out there. Deeming himself a hybrid, his first mixtape was entitled Hybrid Season.  “I called it Hybrid Season because I do call my self the hybrid and I rap and I sing—I’m kind of feeling like you’ve got rappers singing and you’ve got singers rapping. It’s kind of the season for it. I just wanted to showcase me doing that… Not saying that I do it better than anyone else, but I do feel I do it at a level that a lot of people can’t compete. I just wanted to showcase that and make my competition nervous a little bit,” explained FAME of his mixtape title.

    Fed up with the word "swag", FAME and his friends came up with a substitute—they call it "coy." Captivated so much by the word, the first single from his mixtape is called “Coy”, in which he talks about a typical night out and how he approached a girl in a nightclub.

    FAME’s next project, Hybrid Season II, will focus on the transition into his artistry as he matures and grows. He will also be dabbling in producing on this upcoming mixtape. If he ever veers from music, we can expect to see FAME exploring acting and film.

    New music from this new kid on the block is set for release later this year. In the meantime, check out FAME below.


    —Ciara Smith



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