Johnny Gill flattered by Beyoncé

    Johnny Gill is giving Beyoncé major props for her video "Love on Top."

    What some artists call plagiarism, Johnny considers a tribute.

    When Bey debuted "Love on Top," many people immediately thought of New Edition’s "If It Isn’t Love" music video. Both videos were set in a dance studio; both videos starred a boy band, and they each featured high-energy dance moves.

    "How cool was that?" Johnny asked S2S after having watched "Love on Top." "That was so cool."

    Johnny thinks Bey and her backup dancers did a great job of capturing New Edition’s essence. In his opinion, it’s why she is one of the greatest living performers.

    "There’s no more Michael Jackson," said Johnny, "but I think she’s a beast to begin with." Johnny told S2S that the world, although very taken with Beyoncé’s command of the stage and studio, hasn’t fully realized that she’s a legend in the making.

    He said, "It’s such an honor to have someone who knew, and knows, her history and to be aware of where it all started."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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