Laura Govan: I’m not fake

    Laura Govan said she’s as real as can be when cameras start rolling for "Basketball Wives: LA."

    Laura has been catching crap for things she’s supposedly said about her co-stars Jackie Christie, Imani Showalter and Draya Michele. Viewers have witnessed Jackie and Imani stewing over the hearsay for two episodes, but Laura told that she’s the last person to talk about people behind their backs.

    "I’m myself from the beginning. I’m not a fronter. I am who I am; there are no surprises with me," said Laura, who assured fans that things will become a little clearer later in the season. "I show you exactly who I am from the beginning. It’s so funny when you see it play out."

    So does she have any beef with her cast mates? Yes and no. While Laura insists that "it’s all love" with the other ladies (even Tanya Williams), there are times when she gets a little tired of them.

    "Think of it like this: we’re co-workers. It’s not cool to go into work and hate each other. As a woman, I’m cool with everybody," said Laura. "Even if we have beef, it’s of that moment. I never let it continue. We fight and keep it moving."

    Laura also took time to mention that when she said that Draya wasn’t a factor for her, she meant despite her on-camera Internet sleuthing on the model.

    "That’s really none of my business," Laura said of the Google search she and Jackie did that uncovered a report indicating that Draya had been accused of  neglecting her child. "I didn’t care to look her up. We were asked to do so. I feel like it was a mistake and I even said that on the show."

    While the women of "BBW: LA" seemed very offended at the idea that Draya would leave her young son to fend for himself, Laura said she took the report with a grain of salt.

    "I don’t believe everything I read. It’s hard because people twist and turn your words and don’t write down exactly what you say. That’s her child," said Laura. "I’m passionate about being a mom, but that’s her life. That’s one thing I can look back and say that I wasn’t interested in doing."

    Beyond that, Laura said she can empathize with all the allegations being thrown Draya’s way. Laura, who was once accused of sleeping with Shaquille O’Neal while he was married to "Basketball Wives" creator Shaunie O’Neal, said she is familiar with how the public might judge someone based on unfounded rumors.

    "People are going to believe what they want to believe regardless, that comes from being uneducated. I’m at fault for that too. I used to read stuff and be like “’Oh, my gosh!’ So I get it," the reality TV star explained. "But now being in the industry, I’m always like ‘is that really true?’ I don’t put effort into it anymore."

    She added, "I don’t really care as far as what people say about me because I can’t change everyone’s mind. When you meet me, people say I’m so nice and so sweet but you don’t get that on TV. You get the drama."

    Drama has been in no short supply on "BBW: LA," which  has been the show that people love to hate ever since it premiered in August.  Even in our own blogs, users  are very critical when commenting about the show, its cast members and their antics.

    All that aside, does Laura know if "BBW: LA" will be back for another season of gossip and girls nights?

    "You guys have to stay tuned! Keep the fingers crossed," she teased. "I think it was a good turn out and we had a good time. Ratings are high; so I’m excited! I’m sure we may have one."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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