Kandi Burruss talks toys on Bravo

    There was a bit of "sexy time" involved when Tyrese and Kandi visited "Watch What Happens Live" on Sunday. 

    Somehow whenever Kandi is the room, the topic will eventually turn to sex. Her appearance on Bravo last night was no different. Did viewers somehow access Kandi’s web series "Kandi Koated Nights"?! The short answer is no.

    During the television broadcast, Kandi handed out some goodies from her Bedroom Kandi line of adult toys. Tyrese seemed a little uneasy with the freebie and slid the gift off set to be snatched up by an eager production assistant.

    He jokingly commented that adult toys weren’t really allowed in his bedroom. When the "Watch What Happens Live" aftershow kicked off Tyrese explained further, starting off by stating that he understood the appeal for women.

    When he enters the room, however, Tyrese feels he makes toys obsolete. "In my bedroom, I just feel like I got all grounds—every aspect of what’s needed—covered," Tyrese said. "We don’t need no assistance."

    See what Kandi had to say about that when you watch the video below.

    Kandi also discussed what happened to her partnership with Ms. Lawrence. After one well-received single, the two decided to part professionally. As Kandi explained, "We just didn’t have an agreement as far as the type of deal that we wanted to do."

    When a viewer asked whether Lawrence’s sexuality had anything to do with the decision, she said no.

    "I actually picked him because I felt like there was a market for him and he would have a big following," Kandi said. "I definitely feel like a gay artist could blow up; you just have to have the right team behind you." 

    She added, "That why I wanted to work with Lawrence, because he is comfortable with who he is."





    —Sonya Eskridge




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