Sheree Whitfield offers dating advice

    Sheree Whitfield said viewers will be seeing more of her with her family on the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but what they won’t be seeing is the return of Dr. Tiy-E.

    “I have no idea,” she responded when asked about her short-lived love interest from season 3. “We talked one time after” their last meeting that was aired on the show.

    Fans might remember that Sheree and Dr. Tiy-E parted ways after she asked him to produce proof of his educational background, and he requested to see documentation proving she was a real woman.

    That was the end of that blossoming romance.

    So, will there be a new potential partner for Sheree on season 4? The single mother said she’s not dating anyone exclusively now.

    “I’m kind of just hanging out, dating, doing my thing, having fun and enjoying life,” she said.

    So after one unsuccessful marriage and several misadventures in dating, some might assume Sheree is now a dating skeptic, but she is still optimistic.

    “It’s all in God’s time. You can’t force anything. You can’t make anything happen before it’s supposed to,” she said, offering advice to other singles.

    “You have to be able to be by yourself and be happy before you can be happy with anybody else. Keep yourself together. It’ll come,” she said.




    —Tracy L. Scott



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