‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap 11.1.11

    Benched: Imani Showalter

    MVP: Laura Govan

    It looks like Jackie Christie may have been stirring the pot on Monday’s episode of "Basketball Wives."

    Was Jackie pretending to be a good friend this Halloween episode of "BBW: LA"? Somehow she seems to know what everyone is saying about everyone else, but she has yet to say who she heard it from.

    Isn’t that always the way? Imaginary haters always pop off with some ridiculousness. Ah well!

    Even with all of Jackie’s possible smack talk, we had to bench Imani this week. Why? She moved all of Laura’s stuff out of her house without telling her! Who does that?

    If someone is keeping things at your house and you have a falling out, then it’s best that you let them know you’re about to remove their things from your space. Let them pay for moving costs and figure out where all that stuff is going to go!

    Not only were Imani’s actions spiteful, they were just plain stupid.  So, let us get this straight: She’s mad at Laura for something she heard Laura had said about her, but she’s gonna spend her money to get back at her for the alleged back talk? Yeah because that makes sense.

    See kids, being bitter doesn’t hurt anyone but you…and your bank account.

    We were hoping that maybe heading to Hawaii would move the ladies to mellow out and get along. Heck, we at least hope they’d leave all of their emotional baggage at home! No such luck.

    Once the ladies landed in Hawaii, things went all the way left at a welcome luau. Jackie immediately noticed where everyone decided to sit at dinner. Apparently, the groupings seemed a little odd to her, but it allowed her to whisper with Imani, so we’re really not sure what her problem was.

    Yet again, Imani baffled us as she bragged about moving Laura’s stuff out of her house! You can always tell when someone nearby is talking about you—sometimes you can even hear what they’re saying if they don’t watch their volume.

    Keeping that in mind, how was Laura not going to hear Imani talking about her while they’re sitting just a few feet away from each other. Sloppy!

    Things just got more dramatic as Jackie freaked out over eating pork. We can understand dietary preferences and a lot of people don’t eat pork, but there had to be a better way to handle that.


    Somehow the ladies found a way to leave their beefs at the hotel as they paddled out for a a surfing lesson. We knew they needed a break from all the drama! The viewers sure did.

    Bonus: Malaysia actually managed to get up on her board!


    One thing we can say about Laura is that if she’s got a problem with someone, she’ll usually (keyword) be upfront about it.

    In a rare moment of sanity, Laura confronted Imani about the obvious friction between them. When Imani came clean about her problem, Laura asked her to think about it objectively.

    When Laura asked Imani if the things she’d heard even sounded like her, Imani had to admit there was something a little suspect about it. Yet another teaching moment! Don’t believe everything you hear.

    But during their talk Laura brought up some interesting questions: who did Imani hear this from? Was it from a bunch of different people or just one?


    Laura and Imani went back to the hotel to hash things out a little more with Malaysia and the conversation left Imani feeling a little bamboozled.

    Later Draya and Jackie had their own chat about how to address the drama. Draya seemed wholly uninterested in discussing any more chaos, but Jackie had other ideas.


    Jackie seems to have a random prediction that sh*t is about to get real with the Basketball Wives in Hawaii. We had the same feeling too—especially since Jackie always seems to be in the middle of things.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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