Jackie Christie predicts Hawaiian eruption

    Fans of VH1’s popular reality series, "Basketball Wives: LA," saw part one of the cast members’ trip to Hawaii, but Jackie Christie said the real volcano has yet to erupt.

    “It kind of unfolds in Hawaii. I wasn’t very happy when I left. It’ll be very interesting though. Everyone will be quite surprised how it all unfolds,” she told Sister 2 Sister.

    The show’s fans have watched as Jackie has helped ostracize more than one of her fellow cast members at any given time.

    Most recently, Jackie’s sights seemed to be set on co-star Laura Govan, who allegedly talked smack about Jackie behind her back.

    "I think everyone needs to put their cards on the table. It comes off like I’m playing childish games," Jackie said.

    Although the cameras didn’t show it, Jackie said she did ask Laura directly about the gossip.

    “I’d heard a bunch of stuff that was being said about me. The phone starts ringing. We were getting along and then one day I get this phone call quite early and it was about some things Laura had said. I laughed at first. I know she’s a jokester a little. She’s very creative in the way she speaks. She’s extremely convincing. Instead of asking her, I played around with her at her event. I was being sarcastic ‘cause I was a little pissed. I wanted to hear it from her,” said Jackie, who added that she addressed things with Laura immediately after that.

    “She asked me directly after her event. I’m not going to ruin something so special. I’m going to wait and see what happens. I believed her, but then she shared a bunch of things that the other person that had told me was saying,” Jackie tried to explain, before deciding it was best to let fans see for themselves what happens when part two of the Hawaii trip airs.


    —Tracy L. Scott 



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