Kris Humphries fighting for marriage

    Kris Humphries is willing to put in work for his happily ever after with estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

    Kris was more surprised than anyone else to learn that his wife of 72 days had filed for divorce yesterday. Although Kim is ready to sign those papers, the NBA player isn’t ready to give up on the relationship just yet.

    "I’m committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it work," Kris said in a statement."I love my wife and am devastated to learn she filed for divorce."

    With the NBA lockout still going, Kris has time to devote to the relationship if Kim wanted to work on it. One of the main factors in the split, though, was that Kris wanted Kim to move to Minnesota with him to raise a family.

    Kim’s friends aren’t believing the hype, however. According to, some of those in her inner circle said Kris immediately began "chasing fame" as soon as his relationship with Kim began to unravel.

    Supposedly, when the possibility of divorce came up, Kris started thinking about "branding" his name with fragrances, appearances and other ventures. Alarms reportedly went off for Kim when he stressed keeping their connection strong even if the marriage ended.

    Kim didn’t like that Kris hired a Hollywood publicist over the weekend, either.

    As for court proceedings in the divorce, there’s word that Kim has asked courts to block Kris from asking for spousal support and that their prenuptial agreement be upheld. Before the Kim and Kris tied the knot, they signed papers stating that all of their assets were to be kept separate.

    It’s not clear whether Kim will have to give back her $2 million engagement or how much Kris stands to make off their four-hour wedding special, "Kim’s Fairtytale Wedding," which debuted October 9 on E!.  


    —Sonya Eskridge




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