Wendy Williams goes in on Draya Michele

    Draya Michele denied that she’s dated more than a dozen basketball players or that she ever slept with three in one night.

    “I would have millions by now if I were doing crazy, wild stuff like that,” Draya told Wendy Williams. “The three basketball players… I haven’t even been with three basketball players in one month, let alone day. I like to space them out a little bit.”

    The “Basketball Wives: LA” star was hit with some hard questions during her recent visit to the show.

    “This girl has gotten around,” said Wendy, who asked Draya if she was afraid that she’d never be taken seriously by a man and only be seen as a trick.

    “Anything you do in your past can be cleaned up,” said Draya, who said it’s been more than three years since she’s dated a basketball player.

    Wendy also asked Draya about the child endangerment allegations against her, but Draya wasn’t willing to discuss those rumors again.

    “I discussed it in 2010. I discussed it on the show, and it’s just like, I just want to move on with my life and show the people that I’m not this person that they created me out to be,” she said.

    Draya also talked about her relationship with Chris Brown, who she said was never violent toward her.

    “Chris and I were together for about nine months,” Draya said, clarifying that she dated Chris after his relationship with Rihanna had ended. “We really didn’t discuss her,” she added. “I saw a different Chris Brown.”

    Watch the interview here.


    —Tracy L. Scott




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