Date Night With Terrence J

    Hustling between jobs in different cities doesn’t leave actor and "106 & Park" host Terrence J much time to date. By the time he gets to take a lady out, he’s planned a night that’s customized to her likes, based on their many phone conversations. “I try to make the night a memorable evening,” Terrence said.

    Although his life is fast-paced, his dating style is more relaxed. “I’ve been single for over two years and I’m just taking things slow. I’m not in a rush for anything.” But Terrence can hardly wait for the release of Think Like A Man, the film based on Steve Harvey’s best-selling book, to hit theaters in April. “You’ll get to see me in action in a first date,” he said of the biggest role of his burgeoning acting career. “I think it’s really funny and people are really going to enjoy it.” Read on to find out how a real date with Terrence J might be even more enjoyable.

    — Sabrina M. Parker

    Sabrina: How soon after do you book the second date?
    Terrence J: If it goes really well, then as soon as possible. I’m a big believer in the power of now. If we have a good time and we both know it then we can end the night on a great note and then when I call her the next day, then we can plan the next day accordingly. What I try not to do is, while in a moment, try to plan for the next moment.

    Sabrina: What are you listening out for on the first date to determine if you’d like to go out again?
    Terrence J: Somebody that’s grounded, somebody that has faith in God. I like film and movies and I like to read a lot, so I like a young lady that’s intellectual and likes to talk about books and current events.

    Sabrina: Are you a talker or a listener?
    Terrence J: I can play both roles. It just depends on the vibe and it depends on the girl. But if I had to choose, I like to listen.

    Sabrina: What type of activity would you plan?
    Terrence J: I like to plan maybe two things, like a dinner and an activity, and leave it at that and let the rest of the night flow. The dinner spot might be in walking distance from a Broadway show that we want to see. Or if she wants to do something fun I might take her to Six Flags on the first date. It just depends on the vibe that I’m getting from the girl. But I don’t like to plan too much. I like to let things happen naturally.


    Terrence J shares more of his dating preferences in the December 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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