Jackie Christie joins dark skin debate

    Jackie Christie wants Black women to embrace their rainbow of skin colors.

    The "Basketball Wives: LA" star said that her kids represent a range of different skin tones. When asked how her kids feel about their looks, though, Jackie admitted that she has noticed a difference in the way they perceive themselves.

    "We have a daughter [Chantel] that’s very light-skinned, very fair or pale-skinned, so in our family it kind of goes across the gamut," Jackie told Carlton Jordan, adding that her older daughter, Takari, has a harder time loving her reflection. "And we have a dark-skinned daughter that’s a little older and she fights with that self-esteem issue a lot, too."

    For Jackie, Takari’s shade is an advantage and that only enhances her beauty. She’s baffled by her daughter’s attitude toward her skin tone. "She’s very pretty, but she still feels like, ‘Why did I have to be born dark?’ I tell her, ‘You’re beautiful,’" Jackie said. "You can wear whites, and baby blues, and lime greens, and it looks stunning. So don’t worry about that.’"

    Jackie said that Takari’s issues are not rare among women with deeper skin tones, though.

    "I know a lot of dark-skinned girls that have a major issue with their skin tone, and I feel unfortunate for them because I think it’s a beautiful color," Jackie said. "Dark skin is gorgeous and beautiful."

    Jackie goes more in depth on the dark skin vs. light skin debate in her book, Proud to Be a Colored Girl, which was released in May of 2009. 




    —Sonya Eskridge




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