Kim K comments on divorce backlash

    Kim Kardashian is insisting that her marriage to Kris Humphries was no publicity stunt.

    The reality TV star, who just launched a line of purses in Austraila, is furious over public speculation that her brief union with the NBA player was nothing more than a marketing ploy for her brand.

    “I married for love," Kim stated in a post to her blog. “I can’t believe I even have to defend this. I would not have spent so much time on something just for a TV show!”

    Kim’s mother, Kris Jenner, echoed those feelings during her visit to "The View" earlier today.

    "She felt like she married for love. She felt like she was totally in love," Kris explained to the co-hosts. When asked what exactly went wrong in the marriage, Kris was at a loss for an answer.

    "I’m actually searching for the same answer to that question," she explained. "I don’t know, all I know is that I’m her mom and she confided in me that, ‘Mom, this is what I need to do.’"

    Kris also isn’t sure what will happen to Kim’s huge engagement ring, which nearly everyone wants to know. The 20.5-carat ring has "Proverbs 31:10-31" and "1 John 3:18" inscribed on the diamond, and it’s worth an estimated $2 million.

    Kim also refuted claims that she cashed in big time on her big day. “There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding,” she wrote on her blog. “These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this.”

    As Kris told the women of "The View," any money that Kim stood to make, outside of her usually earnings for filming "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," went to cover her August wedding.

    "Kim definitely made money [but] when it was all said and done, Kim had to pay a lot of money," Kris said. "The money that she made went to the wedding. She still owed money to make her fairy tale dream come true."

    She added, "Did they net or gross any amount of money? Absolutely not."



    —Sonya Eskridge




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