Mary Harvey arrested again

    Updated: 11/3/11 9:10 p.m.

    Steve Harvey is denying claims that he had his ex-wife, Mary Harvey, thrown in the slammer again last weekend.

    Yesterday, blogs blew up with rumors that the comedian had Mary arrested but the comedian said it’s not true.

    Although Steve told S2S that he would not make a formal statement outside of court, he tweeted,  "@s2smag I did not have my ex-wife arrested, a bench warrant was issued by the judge, because Mary failed to show up in court.”

    Steve also told S2S that he’s drawing on Isaiah 57:14, a passage about healing for the backslider, for strength in this ordeal because his position is rooted in his faith.

    Mary said in a call recorded for online broadcast that she was arrested in front of her older children during a visit to the city clerk’s office. She went to the courthouse to see if her warrant was still valid. Since it was, the inquiry resulted in a very unpleasant surprise as four officers came to take her into custody 

    "They handcuffed me right there in front of Steven and David," Mary claimed during a call to Why Do I Have To Think Like A Man? author Shanae Hall. "They booked me and they took me to jail, and I was there all day long—from 10 a.m., and I think they finally released me around 7 [p.m.]."

    Allegedly, Steve also had a member of his legal team serve Mary with a lawsuit and a restraining order while she was in police custody.

    "Steve had his attorney draw up all this d@mn paper work and they had it delivered to me while I was in jail!" Mary claimed. Supposedly, all of the issues stem from charges in her divorce battle with Steve.

    "I don’t know why [the judge] wants to see me on November 11 at 9 a.m.," Mary said before explaining a possible cause that actually fits Steve’s tweet on her arrest. "I don’t know other than he’s pissed off because I missed the court appearance in March, but I filed a continuance in March."

    See what else Mary had to say when you watch the video below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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