Wendy Williams defends calling Draya ‘slutty’

    Despite an onslaught of criticism from Draya Michele’s supporters, Wendy Williams is standing by her somewhat harsh interview of the “Basketball Wives: LA” star earlier this week.

    "Some of you—Draya, your people, you who love Draya—were getting at me like, ‘Why was I getting at Draya?’ First of all, I wasn’t getting at Draya. I was asking Draya questions,” said Wendy, who referred to Draya as “slutty” during her after-show video blog.

    In addition to the video posted on her site Tuesday, Wendy took time during Wednesday’s show to defend her stance and explain why she sees a difference between Kim Kardashian—whose sex tape with Ray J thrust her into celebrity status—and Draya, who has had relationships with multiple basketball players and singer Chris Brown.

    “Both of you have had your come-up on your backs,“ Wendy said. “Here’s the difference, Draya, Draya’s people and Draya’s fans: Kim owns how she came up. Kim then got a machine behind her, led by her mother and the rest of her family, and has swapped America with some Jedi mind trick where we now love the Kardashians for good, for bad or indifferent.”

    Although she said she enjoyed meeting Draya, Wendy also felt the reality star failed to explain her past and the allegations of child endangerment. Draya’s refusal to discuss those events wasn’t exactly an admission of wrongdoing, but Wendy didn’t feel her silence helped her cause.

    “If you’re going to continue to be on your back and only exemplify behavior that we saw on ‘Basketball Wives,’ or defensive, nasty behavior—which I don’t think you were nasty yesterday. I actually liked meeting you, and I loved your Fendi dress—but I don’t think that you did anything to defend your reputation of coming up lying down. That’s all.”

    If it seemed like Wendy was taking it all very personally, she offered some insight into why she has little respect for women who might take a different route to success than the one she traveled.

    “Here’s my thing. I know that there is not a place in the Harvard graduating class for every woman, and a woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do whether she’s gotta strip, or whatever it is that she teaches… I just happen to be a woman who had to do none of the above, and I do appreciate the honest, hard work of girls getting to where they have to go.”

    Watch Wendy’s video blog below.

















    —Tracy L. Scott


    What do you think? Is Wendy being hard on Draya? Do you agree with Wendy that there’s a distinction to be made between Draya and Kim Kardashian? Comment below.



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