Stacie Turner tired of reality drama

    As viewers anxiously await another season of drama on the "Real Housewives of Atlanta," one former "Housewives" star won’t be at the edge of her seat.

    “I just think that at this point, people have flipped tables. They’ve had fights…that now, it’s almost a competition to see how outrageous you can make the show, said Stacie Turner, formerly of the "Real Housewives of D.C."

    Bravo canceled the "Real Housewives of D.C." this past spring. Stacie believes part of the reason was that the show lacked the typical catfighting and hair-pulling seen on the other "Housewives" shows, and reality television, in general. However, she feels not all viewers want to see constant drama.

    “I think based on the tons of fan mail that we’ve gotten, there was a segment of viewers that were really happy to see something that was a little different, but for whatever reason the powers that be decided to cancel,” said the longtime real-estate agent and married mother of two.  

    Stacie, who initially turned down the "RHODC" for fear that it would be too intrusive, said she now wonders just how real reality television is anymore.  

    “I think in the first or second season it really is real because the people are real people. They’re not actors; they don’t know what to expect. By season four, you’ve got to outdo for ratings. And it becomes, you know, it’s all about entertainment.”

    As for her own television viewing, Stacie said she’s never seen "Basketball Wives" or "Basketball Wives: L.A." She said she prefers VH1’s other hit show, "Single Ladies," for its positive portrayal of women.

    “I liked that it was circled around a business owner who’s trying to do her own thing. I like shows like that.”

    And while "Single Ladies" is based on fictional characters, she hopes network executives and advertisers will see there’s a niche for positivity on real-life shows, too.

    “I’m proud of the way that we portrayed ourselves on ["RHODC"], and relieved that the overall takeaway that I’ve gotten is that other women could identify with me, and see a woman who was doing positive things.”


    —Myranda Stephens



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