Amber Rose talks love and nude photos

    Amber Rose said the assistant who leaked nude photos of her was obsessed.

    "She shaved her head. She was dressing like me. She listened to Wiz Khalifa more than I did. She had Wiz Khalifa stickers all over her laptop. She was trying to live my life. It got really, really weird. When I was like, starting to distance myself from her, she got psycho. She had access to my laptop all the time. She stole all my pictures out of my laptop,” Amber told

    “For everyone to see those pictures, it was embarrassing,” said Amber, who isn’t quite sure why the world is obsessed with her.

    “I think people kinda became like fascinated with my look, with the bald head, with the fashion,” she said. As for her curves, Amber said they’re all real.

    “It is all real… even the booty. My lips are real. No nose job. No boob job. No butt implants. I won’t say that after babies I probably won’t nip and tuck a little bit, but as of right now I’m still young, and it’s all natural," she said, listing her measurements as "36, 26, 39 or 40.”

    Speaking of kids, Amber, the star of BET’s upcoming “Masters of the Mix," said she and Wiz do plan to start a family eventually.

    “In life, you love people, and you enjoy people that you date and you’re with, and then you find someone where you’re like, ‘OK. This is the person that I want to marry and have babies with.’ Not that the other person was bad or anything like that. It’s just you get to a certain place in your life when you meet that one person that just changes your mind about everything,” she said.

    They haven’t set a wedding date yet, and they don’t know when they’ll have kids, but Amber does want the ring first.

    “I want to do it the right way. I want to be married. I want to have a conversation, like, ‘Ok, we’re going to start now.’ I don’t want it to be an accident.”

    Watch more of the interview below.

    —Tracy L. Scott



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