Countess Vaughn Talks Life After ‘Heeeey!’

    "Moesha" star Countess Vaughn will talk past and present on the latest episode of "Life After."

    Before the nasal giggle, blond extensions and familiar “Heeeeey!” of Kimberly Parker hit the airwaves, Countess Vaughn was awing the crowd on “Star Search” and popular sitcoms “227” and “Thea.”

    But it wasn’t until she was cast as Moesha’s spacy-but-fashionable BFF Kim on the hit show “Moesha,” and then in the spinoff “The Parkers,” that Countess and her trademark greeting became a household name. Now that she’s all grown up, Countess will be taking a trip down memory lane on the latest episode of “Life After,” “Life After ‘The Parkers,’” airing this Wednesday night on TV One.

    While the episode will pick up Countess’ life where “The Parkers” left off, we’ve put together some little-known facts about the bite-sized star to hold you over until Wednesday night:
    •33 years old and has never had a driver’s license
    •Was pregnant with her first child while filming “The Parkers”—and had to go back to work two weeks after having a C-section (“I totally feel [Tia’s] pain!”)
    •4-foot-10-inches tall
    •Discovered at 10 when a “rich White lady” sent a tape of her into “Star Search,” unbeknownst to Countess
    •Had butt injections and full-body liposuction
    •Had to quit “Celebrity Rap Superstar” after the glue from an open-lace wig got into her bloodstream and caused an infection.
    For more on Countess—marriage, divorce and three babies later—tune into “Countess Vaughn: Life After ‘The Parkers’” this Wednesday at 10 p.m. on TV One.
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    —Ariana Gordon




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