Kim Kardashian visits Kris Humphries

    Could Kim Kardashian be working on a reunion? The reality TV star was spotted visiting Kris Humphries’ home. reports that Kim hopped a flight to Minnesota on Sunday to spend some time with her now-estranged husband.

    There’s no official word on why Kim went out to Kris’ home, where she stayed for less than a day. Some speculate that she could be trying to save her marriage, while others think she may be trying to hammer out the details of their split face-to-face.

    Kim shocked her fans when she filed for divorce just 72 days after tying the knot with Kris during an over-the-top ceremony back in August. E! aired the whole affair in a four-hour special, "Kim’s Fairytale Wedding."

    It’s not clear why the trip was so short, but Kim does have a very full schedule, which includes shooting for Tyler Perry’s new movie, The Marriage Counselor. There had been rumors that Kim was cut from the film, but Tyler told TMZ that "she is scheduled to work as planned."

    The visit came just hours after "Saturday Night Live" aired a skit poking fun at Kim and Kris whirlwind romance and even quicker split. While Kim hasn’t said anything about the sketch, it made her sister chuckle.

    "Ha! I just saw the SNL skit they did and I could not stop laughing…. LOL," Khloé Kardashian tweeted. "u have 2learn2 laugh at urself life is 2short." She continued, "Its SNL… They r supposed 2make fun Its not who we are & I know that."

    See what gave Khloé the giggles when you watch the skit below.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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