‘RHOA’ recap: 11.7.11

    Bravo jumped right into the drama on the season 4 premiere of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta!"

    Although the network wasted no time getting into the all the catfights, they had to catch up with the ladies of Atlanta first.

    Kim Zolciak is prepping to move into a new home with her fiance Kroy Biermann. Seeing as how she’s pregnant, though, Kim can’t really help move her furniture from storage into the new abode.

    That’s why it’s always handy to have an NFL player around! Kroy helped the facility staff load all of her stuff onto moving truck pretty easily while Kim oggled him from the car. If the pro-football career falls through it looks like Kroy might have a career as a mover! 

    Meanwhile, NeNe Leakes was buying her son Bryson a car—not because she’s spoiling him, but so that he can help her around the house.  It was kind of funny to see NeNe give her 20-something son an upscale version of "the talk" (you know the one your mom had with before she took you into the store). 

    If Bryson, who has had his fair share of trouble, wasn’t clear before, NeNe stated in no uncertain terms that he shouldn’t even be thinking about driving off the lot in a high-end car. No BMWs  and definitely no Range Rovers.

    When all was said and done, NeNe paid for Bryson’s ride with cash, so she must be doing well for herself.

    Sheree Whitfield, on the other hand, is wondering if all of NeNe’s business dealings  are on the up-and-up. As she told Ms. Lawrence, she believes that her frienemy tried to back-door her out of some money for an appearance in Philadelphia.

    Yes, it took just 11 minutes for the drama to jump off this season! Doesn’t Sheree have anything new going on aside from some beef with NeNe?

    Elsewhere in Atlanta, Cynthia Bailey was meeting up with her old friend, runway coach extraordinaire Ms. Jay Alexander. He was in town to help Cynthia teach her students/clients at The Bailey Agency how to work the runway.

    Before he could give them the Dos of walking like a model, he had to show them the  Don’ts (aka  the "White -girl shopping mall" walk "Black girl who knows everything" strut). While this lesson is an opportunity that only a lucky few ever get, Ms. Jay was too much in the best possible way! OMG can they please hire him for the rest of the season?

    He could give her a few more pointers on picking out clients with potential as he had a few words of advice for Cynthia.

    And just as Cynthia is working on her new business, Phaedra Parks was digging up her newest side hustle in the funeral home. The attorney didn’t just stumble across the morbid profession by accident, she was actually planning the funeral of recently deceased great aunt.


    Last but certainly not least was Kandi Burruss, who was doing  a little field research for her new adult toy line Bedroom Kandi. Although she invited Phaedra and Sheree on the field trip, she was little late for their meetup.

    And we appreciate that Phaedra was kind enough to break down the concept of CP Time to the general Bravo audience. She was surprisingly uninhibited, where Sheree and Kandi were a little more reserved in the shop.

    Kim also pops up in the clip below, shouting her infamous catchphrase, "Sweeetiiieee!" It took all of 32 minutes to pop up (we timed it).


    NeNe and Sheree finally met for their showdown, and things  got ugly really quick.  Oh, sure! The "grown-lady conversation" started out cordial enough, but when NeNe said she felt the problem was all in Sheree’s head, it seemed that all bets were off. SIDE NOTE: Did our eyes trick us, or did it look as though Sheree wanted to say have a "grown-@ss"? 

    When Sheree went on the offensive and called the promoter in the middle of their mess, NeNe wasted no time getting her booking agent on the phone.

    Although NeNe wanted Sheree to hear her out, Sheree seemingly had her mind made up. Given their history, we’re not sure how we really expected the chat to end well, but we had our hopes.

    NeNe ran out of the wine bar, but at least the fight didn’t come to blows.


    After the fight, NeNe literally went crying to Cynthia (we’re loving her bangs!). It was a bit weird to see NeNe breakdown the way she did. NeNe didn’t even cry that much when she had that big fight with Greg last season.

    To see NeNe’s more vulnerable side (because she really did seem hurt) was a shock, but it was really a trip to see Cynthia encourage her to toughen up. It seems that a NeNe needed was a hug and a pep talk to  dry her eyes. All that said, it looks like she might  be gunning for Sheree now.




    —Sonya Eskridge




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