Vivica A. Fox talks about using her tongue

    Vivica A. Fox had no problem serving as the host of TV Land’s reality dating show, “The Cougar,” but she recently told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown, that she wasn’t interested in being a cougar herself.

    Although she’s dated several men her junior, the actress explained why she’s willing to kiss a few frogs—but not too many—before finding her prince.

    Check out the excerpt here and get more on Vivica in the December 2011 issue.


    Jamie: So you didn’t want to do the show with the cougar thing again, huh?
    Vivica: No, they wanted me to be the cougar, and I surely wasn’t getting ready to kiss a whole bunch of different dudes.

    Jamie: (laughs) It’s true. They do have to kiss a lot of guys.
    Vivica: That’s so gross! I don’t know how they do it.

    Jamie: Well, you have to do that in movies, don’t you?
    Vivica: No, that’s different. You don’t kiss about 20 different folks over a couple of weeks. Everybody wants to get in and try and get some sugar, and most of the time they’re drunk or done thrown up. Like, one guy threw up and it was just like, "Uh-uh!” They were like, “Well our audience is more infatuated with you, Vivica. They want more Vivica than the actual cougar.” And I was just like, “Uh-uh, naw." You know? When you do a movie, usually your love interest is one person.

    Jamie: I see what you’re saying.
    Vivica: And that’s usually an actor and you can both understand that you’re doing a love scene. So, most everybody will go get some Binaca and brush their teeth and make it nice and fresh.

    Jamie: Do you have to do tongue-kissing and stuff like that? Because it used to be that you could put your mouths together and kinda roll it around—
    Vivica: —and do a little air kiss, yeah.

    Jamie: Right.
    Vivica: You do get somebody that be trying to slip in the tongue. To be honest with you, I try to do air kisses as much as I possibly can. That’s when you don’t actually tongue-kiss each other. But there were a couple of actors that were just juicy, and a good ol’ kiss did slip in.

    Vivica talks about her upcoming projects and her relationship with Omar “Slimm” White in the December 2011 issue of Sister 2 Sister.



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