‘Basketball Wives: LA’ recap: 11.8.11

    Benched: Jackie Christie

    MVP: Malaysia Pargo

    Jackie Christie was kicked off the island as her cast mates reached their breaking point on "Basketball Wives: LA" last night.

    Before we get into a recap, can we just say that we have never seen a more miserable trip to Hawaii? Something’s got to be wrong with you if you’re having an awful time in Hawaii while staying at an incredible resort. How are you going to bring all kinds of drama with you to Hawaii? Ugh.

    To sum it up: This was a bad episode for Jackie, the cast’s queen bee.

    Jackie found herself outside of the circle after Laura Govan, Imani Showalter and Malaysia Pargo figured out that a lot of the gossip poisoning the group dynamics was coming from Jackie.

    The episode got off to a turbulent start as the ladies went horseback riding. Jackie’s horse wasn’t feeling her, and it was freaking the veteran basketball wife out. It probably didn’t help that Draya Michele was teasing Jackie about the horse picking up her evil vibes.

    Jackie couldn’t possibly have foreseen that she was about to walk into one of her infamous "interfriendtions" ("Sex and the City" fans know what we’re talking about).

    The very same woman who is all about calling a group ambush/meeting found herself in front of the firing squad. Her cast mates wanted to know why she’s been stirring up trouble.

    Unfortunately, they never got a direct answer as Jackie talked over everyone. With that many people shouting and interrupting each other, there’s no way that anything can really be resolved.


    With no resolution ever really being reached (Jackie fought to escape) the cast put a pause on the argument to go shopping. Usually shopping will put a smile on someone’s face, but that wasn’t the case with this excursion.

    While the ladies were shopping for a hot pair of shoes or a cute dress, Jackie was shopping for a friend. The others were very clearly uncomfortable with Jackie, but they managed to get through their brief encounters with her as she continued to plead her case.


    Things didn’t get any better when the women went out for a sunset cruise. Everyone sort of paired off, and Jackie wrangled Draya as her shoulder to cry on.

    To Draya’s credit, she was willing to help Jackie through whatever she thought might be troubling her friend. Jackie really did seem to be very hurt by all of the attacks.


    The volcano finally erupted as the cast confronted Jackie about the things she’s said about everyone. But as per usual, no one was honestly willing to give Jackie a chance as everyone already had their minds made up.

    Laura, Gloria Govan, Malaysia, Imani and Draya all decided that it was time to send Jackie packing, and they voted her off the island.

    Did we somehow switch to "Survivor" last night? We weren’t aware that you could be kicked out of Hawaii by your travel companions.

    The crazy thing was Jackie actually left! The other women own not one grain of sand on the island, and she let them run her out of Hawaii. Way to be on your grown-woman swag, Jackie.

    What Jackie should have done, is enjoyed the remainder of her trip with her husband Doug. Yes, Jackie brought Doug along because those two are attached at the hip. There was no reason for her to leave an island paradise when she’s got her man there.

    Heck in her position we would have extended our stay by a day or two!





    —Sonya Eskridge

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