Toni Braxton is dating White men

    Toni Braxton has officially gotten down with the swirl.

    The "You Make My Heart" singer revealed to Anderson Cooper that she’s having a pretty easy time dating now that she’s moved back to Los Angeles.

    That could be because she has actively opened up her dating pool by seeing White men.

    "I’m beginning to play in the snow a bit," Toni admitted. "I’ve never played in the snow before."

    Anderson, who was unfamiliar with the terminology, needed the lingo broken down for him. "Oh, he’s Caucasian," Toni explained.

    But it seems that Toni might be talking about one man in particular.

    "This is a lovely snow flake," she said. "Every snow flake is different, so it’s ok. It’s nice."




    —Sonya Eskridge




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