Holly Robinson Peete: ‘I wasn’t given a reason’

    Months after her departure, Holly Robinson Peete said she still hasn’t been given an explanation for why “The Talk” producers opted not to renew her contract.

    “Poof,” she said, describing how quickly things changed for her and co-host Leah Remini. “I wasn’t given a reason,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

    “I loved doing ‘The Talk.’ I was really good at it. I was in my comfort zone. I didn’t know if I could do daytime, live TV. I always wanted to do it, and I was feeling great about it,” she said. “I did everything I was asked to do and brought it.”

    Holly was a favorite among many viewers, several of whom have since threatened to stop watching “The Talk” in protest of Holly’s seemingly unfair treatment.

    Holly didn’t speak ill of the show’s executives, but it seems she wouldn’t have minded if the remaining hosts had addressed her departure on air.

    “Barbara Walters always at least says—when someone disappears from the table—she would say, ‘Well, Rosie’s not here anymore because of X, Y or Z.’ That was never said on ‘The Talk.’ We just went off to the talk-show witness relocation program,” she joked.

    In contrast to her fans, who were very vocal about her exit, Holly seems to be taking it all in stride.

    “Clashes happen and there are certain circumstances that are beyond your control … things you can’t control; but you can control how you respond.”

    Holly has a few other projects in the works to keep her busy these days, including a recurring guest role on “Mike and Molly” and a cameo in the upcoming 21 Jump Street movie, based on the ’80s TV cop drama in which she starred.

    “That’s some old school stuff,” she said. “It’s not your parents’ 21 Jump Street,” she said. Although “Hanging With Mr. Cooper” and “21 Jump Street” ended their runs years ago, Holly assured fans, “I still got it.”


    Watch more of Holly’s interview below.



    —Tracy L. Scott



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