‘Braxton Family Values’ recap: 11.11.11

    What’s fame done to the Braxtons? Watch the season 2 premiere of "Braxton Family Values" to find out!

    Toni admitted that all of the success from season 1 of "Braxton Family Values" has affected her family in some unforseen ways. On the bright side, all of the exposure has allowed most of the sister easier access to achieving their dreams.

    Tamar’s in high demand, Trina’s been able to break out into her own solo project, Towanda can persue her acting career, and Traci…well that would be where the downside comes in.

    Traci really wanted to get back in the studio with her sisters and it looks like a Braxtons album may not be happening anytime soon. That’s just part of the tension that’s pulling on the tight-knit group, but Evelyn stated that she isn’t about to let her family be torn apart by fame!

    For the season premiere of "Braxton Family Values," Toni invited mama Evelyn and Traci out to Los Angeles to see her new home. Meanwhile Trina, Towanda and their families are back in Atlanta…under the same roof. The full-house situation is putting Trina’s husband Gabe in a bad mood, and he’d like to set a move-out deadline for his in-laws.

    Needless to say Trina isn’t crazy about the idea, but she’s not really with Gabe in general these days. After cheating on her for the majority of their marriage, he’s looking for more time with his wife, but she’s busy working on her solo project. And if we’re not mistaken, he seems to have a bit more of a trust bubbling up.

    Tension in their marriage, when mixed with in-laws crowding their space, could mean disaster for the troubled union.

    We’re not even really sure what to say about the fact that Towanda is allowing Andre to live with her and the kids, even though they’re separated. We understand that there might be something convenient about it terms of child care, but it just doesn’t make sense otherwise—especially if he can’t even chip in on some milk and cereal!

    Fortunately, things are going much better for Tamar and her husband Vincent Herbert. Vince understands Tamar and he evens out her extra-fabulous personality. He keeps her grounded, and they’re friends at the base of it. We see why their relationship works now.

    Things with Toni and her estranged husband Keri are heating up again as they have begun dating again…just a little. How do we know? Tamar caught him leaving Toni’s house and burst out into song! If there is any justice in this world, Tamar’s song about Toni’s situation will be on her upcoming album. We’ll buy it just for that!

    Not only did Tamar sing about the hook up, she had a question for Toni. "Where you boots at?" she asked her big sister before providing her own answer. "He knocked ‘em off!" Hands down our favorite moment of the night!

    Tamar’s antics, although usually hilarious, sometimes get her into trouble. That’s right! We have got to talk about her argument with Evelyn. It all started with the Braxton album, and then it turned into how Tamar is tired of singing back up.

    Before the fight got out of hand Evelyn tried to shut it down, and that’s when Tamar walked out of the house. How are you gonna walk out when your mom is talking? Black kids can’t do that!

    "Tamar can’t handle success. It goes straight to her head," Toni concluded before calling her little sister a "bit of a diva."

    When Evelyn confronted Tamar, things escalated really quickly, mostly because Tamar wouldn’t shut up because she didn’t like how her mom came at her! Then came the quiet before the storm. All we remember is that Evelyn very calmly made a point. "I can’t allow any of you or any of the others to disrespect me," Evelyn said in a gentle tone….and then Tamar interrupted!

    Boom! Evelyn had it and put baby Braxton in check. "You will not disrespect me," she warned. "The next time you do it, I’mma slap the piss out of you!"

    See the aftermath when you watch the full season 2 premiere of "Braxton Family Values" below!




    —Sonya Eskridge




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