Imani Showalter pities Jackie Christie

    Imani Showalter has learned to check her sources when listening to gossip and called Jackie Christie "bipolar."

    After filming this season of "Basketball Wives: LA," Imani Showalter has figured out how to handle gossip a little better.

    "I’ve learned not to overreact to things and just believe everything you hear," Imani told S2S "I realize now that you have to dig a little deeper and look at your source and kind of understand what they have to gain by telling you things."

    Of course, Imani is speaking about the drama that erupted in Hawaii on "BBW: LA," when it was discovered that Jackie had been talking about her and her cast mates. In particular, one of Jackie’s alleged rumors led Imani to have Laura Govan’s things cleared out of her house before even checking to see if the gossip was true. 

    "At the time, I didn’t feel bad," Imani admitted of her decision to have Laura’s stuff hauled off. "It just kept coming to me all this negative stuff and I just felt so used by her."

    At one point, Laura pulled Imani off to the side to hash things out. What seemed like a two minute chat on TV was really a 30-minute conversation between the two. That’s when Laura inferred that all of the gossip was coming from one source: Jackie. Malaysia Pargo later backed up the observation.

    When Imani found out that Jackie was behind all of the chatter, she was crushed. Imani said that she put a lot of trust in the "Basketball Wives: LA" queen bee at first, but now her opinion has changed drastically.

    "For me it was just very malicious and evil," Imani said before revealing that her current relationship with Jackie is "non-existent." "I think she’s a really sad person. I feel bad for her."

    While Jackie may have left the cast guessing about all the he say/she say at first, Imani said that her true colors came out when confronted.

    "Jackie has a way of talking you to death" Imani said. "Basically she was typical Jackie: She got loud, aggressive, rude, insulting. Then she started crying and whining, and then she got apologetic. She’s very bipolar, and she confuses you."

    What upset Imani most was that Jackie would try to come between her and another one of their friends. "It was really sad. It was infuriating. It was a gambit of emotions,"  Imani explained. "I just felt like I had been betrayed on the worst level. I didn’t understand why Jackie would do such a thing. Me and Laura were so close."

    Fortunately Laura and Imani were able to repair their relationship. "I love Laura! I love her mom; I love her children," said Imani.



    —Sonya Eskridge




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