Tyler Perry fans protest Kim Kardashian

    Audiences either seem to flock to director Tyler Perry’s works or criticize them for the prevalence of so-called stereotypes, and it appears that his upcoming movie, The Marriage Counselor, will give commentators something new to talk about.

    Promotional materials for The Marriage Counselor, describe marriage as “one of the greatest institutions in the world.” However, that has many questioning why, Kim Kardashian has been chosen as a supporting actress in the film.

    Fans showed their discontentment for Tyler’s choice in the “Talk to Me” section of his Website. Some sided with Tyler saying it would not be the “Christian thing to do” to dismiss her from the film. Most however, had different opinions.

    “…So here is the issue, Madea teaches morals in his movies, talks about life in a way we can understand. Kim on the other hand flashes to the whole world the wealth she has, and makes it seem like it is okay to make it in this world without having any values as a woman. How do you combine a Kardashian and Madea movies”?

    Another person posted, “Kim Kardashian in your movie? Why have you stooped this low”? 

    Plenty just wanted to publicize their refusal to support the movie saying things similar to one user’s comment: “Kim K is not worthy! My family and I will not support the movie if she is in it!”

    “If fans don’t go and see the marriage counselor because of the one actor you have in this movie, do you think you are letting them down? … Some time ago you made the comment that if "we" the fans stop supporting Madea she will die. Well it appears that many fans do not support "Kim K", and you do,” another reminded Tyler.

    The movie began filming earlier this month, with Kim arriving Tuesday afternoon.  Set to play a colleague of the main character, she comes to the aid of her friend, the female marriage counselor, when her marriage begins to crumble.

    Despite all the controversy over it, Kim was actually cast before her split with husband Kris Humphries.  Almost a month ago, the 31-year-old tweeted  that she’d soon be hitting the big screen. “Big news!! I’m co-starring in Tyler Perry’s new movie!” she tweeted on her birthday. 

    Although many have deemed the reality tv star unqualified for the role, Kim has two small film parts in the past. As well as “Deep in the Valley” and the spoof, “Disaster Movie”,  she was also featured in multiple episodes of  “Beyond the Break” and and one episode of  “CSI: NY.”




    —Ciara Smith



    Do you think Kim will do TP’s film justice? Should she have been cast at all? Leave your comments below.



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